Friday, May 4, 2007

Medium Rare International

I was reading my old friend (not that we're all that old or anything. Really.) Christy's blog a few days ago and she suggested that people put counters on their sites. This gives one the ability to see what countries your visitors are in, how many visitors a day you get as well as a ton of other nifty features that can either fuel or destroy the fantasy that anyone actually reads this stuff.

Now keep in mind here that I thought that only a handful of people knew about this thing, and out of that handful there would only be, well, less than a handful that cared. Don't hear me saying that the people who read do care, I wouldn't want to be that presumptuous. But like I said, part of the statistics being kept are the countries from where these posts are being read. Or at least accidentally clicked on for two seconds. MRP is international baby! Check it out:
United States

Germany Germany

Italy Italy

Spain Spain

Romania Romania

Argentina Argentina

United Kingdom United Kingdom

So the question of the day is this: what's the dealio, yo? Where are you? How did you get here?
I suppose that's three questions, but I am curious. So if you're in a country other than Texas, say hello. Everyone else- meet my new friends.


Isaiah5513 said...

yeah sure, I know what you mean - old, indeed!
I love my counters. Shamful (prideful) isn't it? I have a regular visitor from Beijing. On my stat counter you can see how they got to your site, for instance, google searches, links from other places. It pretty neat. I probably up my counter a few clicks just hitting my own blog to look at my counter.
It's educational- the boys love seeing the flags -not falgs- from other countries.

HeatherRene said...

I'm at least one of the German links. Pretty sure I found you via Cara via Christy. I can't figure out how to check these stats!

Medium Rare Please: said...

Hey, Heather- I knew you were my German partner in blogging, but Romania? I'm pretty sure the only people I knew in Romania were in the Peace Corps, and they're back in the states now. Like I said, a lot of these hits are probably 2 second glances!

Anonymous said...

and what's wrong with lurkers from Texas....
Hi guys! Please tell Cara thank you for our seeds. I'm loving keeping up with you guys as you are transplanted.
:-) The Lachneys

Famiglia Gernone said...

Ciao from Italy! I just wanted to let you know that at least one more of your hits from a foreign country is more than just a 2 second glance. I'm a friend of Heather Harbuck aka "Cleaver" and got to your page from hers.
Nice blog you have, fun to read!

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg! It's Heather Lewis. I get your blog posted to my feeds in my email box and read all of them. I have Cara's blog set up that way also! :)