Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cuttin' up a Chicken

Have you ever paid attention to exactly how cheap whole chickens are when they go on sale? They're, like, practically free. Or at least four bucks. And honestly, once you get good at cutting them up, you'll be blown away at how much cheaper it is to do it yourself, and how much better the pieces turn out. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts from the store look like hacked-up roadkill compared to what you can do. Plus, at home you get to keep the skin if you want, and I often do if I'm grilling them.

Instead of taking a thousand pictures and the usual witty remarks in how-to format, I made a video. The camera turned itself off right as I was about to tell you to start making homemade chicken stock with the carcass. It's funny saying "carcass" on a food post. Carcass!


Heather and Stephen said...

ugh. more power to ya. I couldn't even watch the video. You know...meat on the bone and alla that. ick.
I know it is a skill, and a useful one. I just can't stomach it.

Unknown said...

Could you maybe cut a chicken that's been cooked? Or do you think there's hardly ever a good reason to cook (convection bake) a whole chicken?

Medium Rare Please: said...

You could use the same method- just minus all the flippin' the bird around. When it's cooked those joints just fall right apart.